Share your QUIT story with Nekkid Monk!

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Share your QUIT Story!


Has Nekkid Monk helped you quit?  Would you share your QUIT Story?  Monk and the crew have had a wonderful time getting to know all of the great folks in London and surrounding area these past few years.  What has stood out the most is how many people have been SUCCESSFUL at quitting smoking!   Every day we hear “I haven’t smoked in six weeks” or “I haven’t smoked in six months”.  Whether it is six months or six weeks or even six days. . .the underlying message is this:  PEOPLE ARE QUITTING!  It’s WORKING! What is even more fulfilling from Nekkid Monk’s view is how happy our customers are and how proud they are of their success.


So tell us how it worked for you. . .

Nekkid Monk would like you to share your QUIT story!  You can post a few lines here on our BLOG, or head over to our Facebook Page and post your story or video of your experience.   If possible, we would appreciate if you included a photo of yourself as well.   If you’re shy about social media you can send us an email at .

Spread the word!

We know that for many of you, quitting has been a struggle you have dealt with for years and years.  It is important that you share your success stories so that others know that there are ways to transition away from smoking that puts the control back in your hands.   Every day at the Nekkid Monk, we see people that started with 18mg of Nicotine  that have reduced their juice down to ZERO!  And the great part about that. . is you can still enjoy vaping at zero![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]