Smok Trinity Alpha Pod System


The Trinity Alpha pod system is the newest addition to a long line of pod systems made by Smok. The Trinity Alpha includes many new features such as output power selection, pod locking Botton and a slide to fill design for the filling cap. With a 1000 mAh battery and 2.8ml juice capacity the Trinity Alpha is the pairs perfectly with Nekkid Monk Salt Nic when you are out and about.



Trinity Alpha Pod System

The Trinity Alpha the newest pod system by Smok, in the shape of square box featuring one 1000mAh internal battery and uses Nord Mesh coils. The new colourful resin designs on both sides add a touch of radiance to the device which integrates detail and a fine combination of vape and art. The device has implemented the ability of choosing between three power modes. As for its pod, it adopts the slide to open design on its filling cap to ensure long lasting vaping with a maximum juice capacity of 2.8ml. Smok-Trinity-Alpha-take-the-lead Smok Trinity Alpha Pod System


The new Trinity Alpha is made up of a square box with a smart response system, resin decoration panels, unique pod structure and more! It’s small but an exquisite vape that you can take along with you wherever you go whenever you want.

Smok-trinity-Alpha-black-showcase Smok Trinity Alpha Pod System


The Trinity Alpha has a large power button which is placed on one side of the device along with other functional buttons such as the mode or charging port making them easy to find and easy to operate.Smok-Trinity-Alpha-power-botton Smok Trinity Alpha Pod SystemSmok-Trinity-Alpha-how-to-fill Smok Trinity Alpha Pod System


The Trinity Alpha’s power ranges from 6 to 30 watts, which is explorable within the three modes: S(Soft), N(Norm), H(Hard). You can switch the power output by pressing the Mode Button. Then, the corresponding LED light will be on showing which mode the device is set to.

Smok-Trinity-Alpha-mode-sets Smok Trinity Alpha Pod SystemSmok-trinity-Alpha-components Smok Trinity Alpha Pod System


The Trinity Alpha pod is different from the common magnetic pod types. The Alpha pod has a lock button to fix the pod in place securly. Now, to detach the pod push the lock button. When attaching the pod, one must always double check whether the pod is attached in place or not. (proper attachment: press down the pod with a crispy click sound), loose attachment will cause pod to fall out.Smok-Trinity-Alpha-Pod-lock-botton Smok Trinity Alpha Pod SystemSmok-Trinity-Alpha-coil-replacement Smok Trinity Alpha Pod SystemSmok-Trinity-Alpha-protections Smok Trinity Alpha Pod System

Additional information

Weight 0.59 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 4.5 in

Bright Black, Prism Blue, Prism Chrome, Prism gold, Prism Rainbow, Red


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