Smok Morph 219 Mod


The new Smok Morph Mod comes equipped with a 1.9″ HD touchscreen display with the first ever input keypad for password protection! Along with the touchscreen display the Morph also comes with the brand new IQ-S chip which allows for a 0.001s fire rate one of Smok’s fastest ever!



Morph 219 Mod
Screen-Shot-2019-04-27-at-6.24.31-PM Smok Morph 219 ModThe Smok Morph 219 is an outstanding example of top-notch craftsmanship and advanced technologies. Next, it is the world’s first mod designed with an input keyboard, which is a revolutionary change for mod operation! It also improved the inner chip, shortening firing time to 0.001S! Then as for the screen, its 1.9″ touch screen can offer you convenient operation. It’s max output power is 219Watts which can easily satisfy any cloud chaser who loves Nekkidmonk e-juice!

Screen-Shot-2019-04-27-at-6.32.14-PM Smok Morph 219 ModScreen-Shot-2019-04-27-at-6.32.30-PM Smok Morph 219 ModCLASSIC & MODERN

Morph 219 is a perfect combination of classic style and modern trend. The whole mod has glossy finish and at the back it is inlaid with exquisite IML resin. Although it has similar appearance with the legend RHA220W; the Smok Morph has fully improved in material and performance allowing it to be the latest in vaping fashion!

Screen-Shot-2019-04-27-at-6.32.41-PM Smok Morph 219 ModScreen-Shot-2019-04-27-at-6.33.30-PM Smok Morph 219 ModTOUCH SCREEN

Morph 219 has a 1.9” colourful HD touch screen which is very responsive allowing for most of the operations to be finished with a simple touch.

Screen-Shot-2019-04-27-at-6.33.41-PM Smok Morph 219 ModBRAND NEW USER INTERFACE

Newly upgraded UI by SMOK provides a more clear and detailed screen of vaping information, such as VW/TC MODE, vaping effect, voltage, battery level, etc.

Screen-Shot-2019-04-27-at-7.16.16-PM Smok Morph 219 ModScreen-Shot-2019-04-27-at-7.12.39-PM Smok Morph 219 ModScreen-Shot-2019-04-27-at-7.12.47-PM Smok Morph 219 ModScreen-Shot-2019-04-27-at-7.14.11-PM Smok Morph 219 ModScreen-Shot-2019-04-27-at-7.14.17-PM Smok Morph 219 ModScreen-Shot-2019-04-27-at-7.15.06-PM Smok Morph 219 Mod

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 4 in

Black Red, Blue Black, Gold Black, Rainbow, Silver


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