Saturno 60mL – Lemon Cookie




Nekkid’s Paradiso Saturno – 60mL (Lemon Cookie)

Enjoy the taste of Lemon Cookie when you vape Nekkid’s Paradiso Mercurio.  The Sugar Cookie flavour with tangy Lemon makes a delicious accompaniment!  This is a max VG premium e-liquid with a minimum 85% VG will produce billowy Lemon-scented clouds!  When you vape Nekkid’s Mercurio, you will feel like you are tasting the real thing (without the calories)!  Whenever possible, Nekkid’s labs source all natural flavour extracts and you can TASTE THE DIFFERENCE in the juice!   This vape has layer upon layer of flavour and it’s the reason Monk calls this line Paradiso, because it’s HEAVENLY!

The Paradiso Line of E-liquids have been unveiled week to week at the Nekkid Monk Vape Shop in London ON!  Mercurio was Paradiso’s second release and it remains on of Nekkid Monk’s top sellers!  If you have “Vaped the Hell out of our Nekkid INFERNO line, then you should definitely try vaping at the gates of HEAVEN! Enjoy Nekkid’s PARADISO!


3 for $50 tax incl.



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Weight .175 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 5 in

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