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Nekkid POPS – 100mL is a popular addition to our cereal line of products which is inspired by the popular Kid’s cereal.  Nekkid Pops has captured all the goodness in that bowl of cereal – the POPS AND MILK is awesome to vape all day

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Nekkid POPS – 100mL is here!  POPS by Nekkid Monk is our popular cereal-inspired E-juice. We have managed to perfectly captured taste of that bowl of cereal in a creamy and delicious vape! You can vape POPS all day.  We balance the sweetness of the corn cereal with creamy milk and NEVER use artificial sweeteners.  Artificial colours and sweeteners shorten the life of your coil.  What’s more, excess sweetness can lead to what we in the industry refer to as “taste deafness”.  Taste deafness is when you try a flavour and it is AWESOME but a short while later you can’t taste it anymore!  This is because your taste buds are overwhelmed by overly sweet or artificially sweet liquids.  This does NOT happen when you vape Nekkid Products.

POPS Formulation

Our Nekkid POPS – 100mL sized products are formulated the tradition way.  That is, they are 75%VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and 25% PG (Propylene Glycol). This version is available NICOTINE FREE as well as four nicotine strengths: 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg and 9mg. This means the POPS in 100mL is best suited for traditional tank/battery sub-ohm setups.

Prefer vaping Nekkid POPS on a POD device?

Pod device users can enjoy Nekkid POPS too!  In addition to the traditional “freebase” nicotine formulation, we also offer our popular flavour in a Salt NIC variety.  Our Salt Nic POPS are available HERE in three strengths: 20mg, 35mg and 50mg!


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