JUUL – Now Available at Nekkid Monk!

JUUL – The #1 vapor product in the US is now available in Canada and you can get yours at Nekkid Monk! JUUL, with its unique and satisfying profile, simple interface and flavour variety, was designed with adult smokers in mind who are looking for … Continue readingJUUL – Now Available at Nekkid Monk!

Pico S

Inspired by sports cars, the new Eleaf iStick Pico S is meticulously designed to be the most visually appealing setup, having a bare battery tube with a corroded texture and decorative 7-color LEDs. In addition to its aggressive appearance, the iStick Pico S is capable … Continue readingPico S

Suorin Drop

Check out the Suorin Drop, it’s an ultra portable pod system that features the intuitive Refillable Suorin Drop Cartridge that allows you to utilize your favorite Salt-Nic juice (which we will soon be carrying at all locations) or regular E-juice. The Suorin Drop is an … Continue readingSuorin Drop

The Infinix is FINALLY HERE!

The Infinix is finally in stores and selling for $36! Infinix is the incarnation of modern philosophy. It has sleek appearance, the mini body can be your best partner wherever you go. It has built-in 250mAh battery, which is durable enough for your vaping need. … Continue readingThe Infinix is FINALLY HERE!


The new smok FIT Kit is in stores now for just $32!! When you rushed to a friend’s party, too late to pack up things; when you lazily lied on the couch, drinking whiskey, and still felt something was lacking; or when you were asked to … Continue readingGET FIT!

The Rolo Badge is HERE!

The Rolo badge is sold at all Nekkid Monk locations for $40 +tax! The Rolo Badge is easy to use, slim in size and super memorable in appearance. No matter where you are, this portable device is small enough to go with you. It’s thin … Continue readingThe Rolo Badge is HERE!

X-Priv in Stores NOW!

The X- Priv is being sold at all Nekkid Monk locations for $135 +tax, batteries not included.   X-Priv, a perfect combination of power and beauty. It is covered with glassy material at front, which can offer you a deluxe appearance and a high-definition screen. … Continue readingX-Priv in Stores NOW!

G-Priv 2 Luxe Edition in Stores NOW!

This Kit is sold at all Nekkid Monk locations for $150 + tax, batteries not included. The SMOK G-PRIV 2 LUXE Edition Starter Kit presents a luxurious exterior upgrade to the cutting-edge G PRIV 2 system, delivering a visually-striking prismatic frame and Cobra resin battery … Continue readingG-Priv 2 Luxe Edition in Stores NOW!


Stick Prince, a powerful combination of 3000mAh battery and TFV12 Prince tank, is born to be a legend. It is newly designed, with a special hexagon power button and a carefully carved battery base you can feel how exquisite it is. Stick Prince’s large battery … Continue readingPRINCE STICK IN STORES NOW!!