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Nekkid INFERNO!  The folks at Nekkid Monk are proud to introduce INFERNO MAX VG e-juice!  We are featuring nine bold flavours that I know you will want to vape the “HELL” out of!  You can experience the LUST, LIMBO, and HERESY, or take advantage of our popular 3 for $35 deal!  That is three (3) 30mL bottles of our INFERNO or Monk-E-Juice for one low, low price!  There isn’t a better deal than that anywhere in town for juice of this caliber!


Max VG?  What is that? VG is the vegetable glycerin that is one the four ingredients that make up a great tasting E-juice.  Once you have vaped for a little while you may not need as much of a throat hit that you enjoyed while quitting cigarettes.  Maybe you’re a cloud chaser?  That is the time to foray into an e-juice with higher VG.   It is thicker than the PG (propylene glycol) so it requires a longer steeping time in order to experience the best flavor (but don’t worry, we have done that for you).  Drippers LOVE a MAX VG for its ability to chuck clouds!  This is NOT a discreet vape!  Rich flavours + big clouds = lots of fun!

If you’ve tried INFERNO, we would like to hear what you think!  Pop over to our Facebook page and let us know what you think!

Enjoy INFERNO.  You want to Vape the HELL out of it!