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We need to Stop associating Nicotine with Tobacco

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nicotine-without-smoke-vapingE-Cigarettes, since 2007 have been shown in UK cancer research to be less risky and less harmful than smoking.  So why has vaping been demonized?  Linda Bauld is the deputy director for the UK center for Alcohol and Tobacco policy  and was recently interviewed in Britich Columbia about the benefits of E-Cigarettes in the prevention of tobacco smoking-related cancers.  Linda also chairs the behavioral research for Cancer prevention for Cancer Research UK, the world’s largest independent research charity for Cancer.

Separating “Nicotine” from “Tobacco”

This video explains how the toughest challenge ahead is to stop equating nicotine to tobacco.  Since the release of the publication “Smoking and Health” by the Royal College of Physicians in 1962, Nicotine has been inextricably been linked with the smoking of tobacco products and the tobacco industry.  This has been the challenge E-cigarette and Vaping communities have been up against when trying to promote their smoking cessation products.  Nicotine has been demonized; but Ms. Bauld eloquently explains in her interview how The Royal College of Physicians study meant to say that “smoking tobacco is harmful”  but that nicotine in other forms is not.  Through her research, her priority has been to get people to stop smoking.   Further research evidence has also shown that E-cigarettes are less harmful and less risky than smoking and far more appealing and attractive than other smoking cessation systems.  Bottom line: The UK Center for Cancer Research has concluded that vaping nicotine to curb the need to smoke tobacco products can reduce or eliminate smoking related cancers.

If you are a smoker or have a loved one who is a smoker I would encourage you to watch this informative video and share it with your friends. If you still have questions about how to quit smoking we would like to invite you to The Nekkid Monk Vape shop in London, ON where the Monk will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  I also invite you to explore the UK center for Alcohol and Tobacco’s website to familiarize yourself with the excellent studies they have performed on the effects of vaping.  I have included the link above!

Relax, and Vape Nekkid!